Monday, July 25, 2005

Fun at the farm

Hi guys, it's me, Obadiah! Me and my little brother Malachi went over to our buddy Preston's house to visit him the other day. He lives on a farm. Check it out, he's even got his own tractor!!!

That thing is fast! I tried driving it, but I had a hard time with the shifter and the pedals. I think I'll just watch while Preston drives Malachi around the yard. I think Preston has a hard time with the steering too. He goes until he runs into something and then the wheels just start spinning, then he throws it into reverse and starts all over again.

You can only play "Let's run over Obadiah with the tractor" for so long, so we decided to go visit "Porkchop". Porkchop is Preston's pony. Porkchop isn't very big, I'm just as tall as he is!!

We took some baby carrots with us to give to Porkchop. He eats them right out of your hand. Kinda slobbery though! Malachi was not too happy about sharing the carrots so he tried to shove them all in his mouth at the same time!

Not me though! I shared ALL my carrots with Porkchop.
That's why we're such good buddys!!!

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