Saturday, August 20, 2005

a good day for a walk

Hi guys, It's Obadiah! Today it was really cold outside in the morning. But the sun came out after lunch and Dad took us for a walk!

We went to the park! There's a park at the school pretty close to our house, so I rode my scooter and Malachi rode in the stroller. I'm getting pretty strong! Check out my muscles! I can hang up here for like two or three seconds!!!

The slide is one of our favorite rides at the park!

Here I go! Malachi has to wait his turn!!!

We tried climbing up this thingy. Malachi got about half way up. I got all the way to the top then got stuck. Daddy had to put the camera away really fast and grab me before I fell all the way down. It was lots of fun, but it was really hot so I'm soaking wet. That happens when I get too hot. We just got home from our walk and it's nap time so I've got to go!!!

Bye Bye!

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Riana said...

You are two real cool guys! If I ever come to the USA, I would love to meet you in real life! I live in another country, called South Africa. We are getting back to be the best rugby playing country in the world! Ask your dad about rugby. :)