Friday, July 01, 2005

we love it when friends come to visit!!!

Our best friends Zachariah, and his little sister Micah came to visit us for a few days!!!

We were just trying to look cool for the picture but Daddy told us later that we were probably making gang signs and that we have to be careful or we might get in trouble.

I hope the po-po aren't peepin' out our site yo!!!

Micah is helping Daddy tune his guitar up!!!

We went to the mall and climbed all over this huge statue of a hand! Our favorite activity is being as loud as we possibly can while we try to get away from our mom's at the mall. Mommy said something about getting a leash, I'm not sure what she means since we don't have a dog or anything?!!?

Zachariah and I are SPEED DEMONS on the scooters!!!
LOOK OUT!! We'll run you over!!

AAWWW MAN!!! What a drag!! Right when we were having fun Zachariah took a header off of the scooter. That's gonna leave a mark!!!

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