Sunday, July 03, 2005


Hi guys!!! Malachi here. This is me, and my Mommy, and my big brother Obadiah, and my auntie Lindsay at Sea World. We are getting ready to see Shamu!!!

Shamu is frickin' HUGE!!! That thing jumps RIGHT OUT OF THE WATER!!! I could not believe my eyes!

Obadiah got to feed the dolphins! I pet one really quick, but it thought that I had food too. It opened it's mouth real big and I was outta there!!! NO WAY am I sticking around something that big, that opens it's mouth that wide, so close to my tiny little head!!!

AAHHH.... Starfish!!! That's a little more my speed. I can handle starfish, they're cool, and a little slimy, which is a plus.

Obadiah got to pet the starfish too. He got a little grabby if you asked me though!

Obadiah thought he was so cool that he touched the stingrays even though I wouldn't. He didn't think it was so cool when they TOTALLY SPLASHED HIM!!! Oh man, I laughed so hard. He smelled like fishy salt water for the rest of the day.

OOH SCARY!!! We loves us some Sharks! We took these pictures in the tube that goes right through the Shark tank. It kind of freaked me out when this one showed us his teeth!

The one that is closest to us is a leopard Shark. You can also see two black tipped sharks right behind him. I don't know what on earth that stupid fish is thinking?!?! I would be outta there in a heart beat if those Sharks were swimming around me!!!

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