Sunday, May 06, 2007


Aloha! We haven't been around here lately because we've been soaking up some sun over in Hawaii!!! Here we are on the plane. A plane ride to Hawaii sounds like so much fun. Turns out it's a really long time to sit in one place. I think my Daddy was trying to drug us so we would sleep. He kept saying, "Did you cough? I thought I heard someone cough. Here, have some Benadryl." I wasn't fallin' for it though!

When we finally got to Hawaii we rented a Jeep and we kept the top down almost every day.

It was super windy in the back seat. It was so windy that when we were driving we couldn't even open our mouths to talk. It was so quiet when we drove! Mommy and Daddy kept saying, "We gotta get one of these!"

Here is the lagoon at the hotel where we stayed. We were in Oahu. It was really really pretty there!!! Can you see the rainbow?

The first big trip we took was to the Sea Life Park. When we got there we looked at all kinds of animals and then we got to go swimming with the dolphins! The dolphins feel kind of rubbery but harder than we thought they would feel like. The water they swim in is totally salty!!!

We even got to dance with the dolphins! The coolest thing was that there was a baby dolphin in the pool with us! It was only about 2 feet long and it would jump up out of the water! We got to feed it too! One of the trainers broke a small fish in two pieces and handed us each a piece. The guts got all over our hands. That part was not cool.

The next day we went to Waikiki beach. Can you believe how clear that water is?!?!?!

Me and Daddy entered a karaoke contest back at the hotel! We sang "American Woman" by Lenny Kravitz. We got second place! We lost to some kid who sang "Who let the dogs out". We demand a recount. It was rigged.

The next day we went to the North Shore. The North Shore is known as a surfers area. We found this cool looking old "woody" car that surfers seem to love. We also found a killer beach where we all tried body surfing! It was really fun.

Body surfing os SO MUCH FUN!!! There were 6 foot waves so Malachi didn't last too long. Neither did mom's bikini. So those two hung out on the beach and me and Daddy body surfed until we were exhausted!

A really nice lady told us how to find a special beach where the Green Sea Turtles come up on the shore to lay their eggs. We found the beach and there where three turtles up on the beach and we could see a few more swimming around in the ocean too! You can see two of the bigger turtles in this picture.

We spent the next day at Hanauma Bay. It was so beautiful! The beach was amazing and Mommy and Daddy rented snorkeling gear for all of us. Malachi didn't dig having his face down in the water so he stayed at the beach. Mommy chickened out when a killer fish tried to eat her. We found out that the fish was about six inches long. We called her "scaredy-fish" for the rest of the trip. She hates that.
Me and Daddy swam around the reef for a long time. We saw so many beautiful, colorful fish! We even saw a four foot fish plow through a school of fish chomping on the smaller fish!!! It's was so awesome!

When you have a vacation that is this epic someone's gotta come back with a tattoo!!! Mommy and Daddy chickened out on their tattoos so Malachi and I had to step up to the plate! We got traditional Polynesian tattoos on our arms! I think we got ripped off though. Out tattoos are starting to fade! Daddy's tattos never fade! I'm going to go to Daddy's tattoo artist next time I want some ink!

Daddy asked us to post this picture. It's kind of fuzzy but he says it makes his abs look good. Anyway, here we are. The happy family. We had a GREAT time! Thanks for checking out our pictures! We didn't want to bore you with all of the pics so we only showed you some of our favorites. If you like our pictures and you want to see the rest, CLICK HERE to check out the rest of the pics!


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