Sunday, June 10, 2007

let's go fly a kite!!!

Hi everyone! It's us again. Dad had the day off and it was beautiful outside so we went to the park. It was a little windy so Dad brought the kite along just in case the wind picked up.

That's my big brother Obadiah. He's pretty smart now that he's graduted kindergarten! He got to fly the kite first. He said it was hard to hold on to it. I didn't believe him. I thought he was trying to trick me so that he could fly it all by himself all the time.

Here I am jumping up to try to get the string away from Obadiah. "Give it to me dude!!!"

Ahh... Here we go. Now we're talking! I didn't believe him when he said that it was hard to hold on to but he was right!!! That stinking kite dragged me all over that park! My Daddy was laughing so hard. All he could do was laugh and take pictures while my life hung in the balance. Way to go dad.

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