Friday, October 28, 2005

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

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It's my birthday party! I can't believe I'm two years old already!!! We had my birthday party at the Pumpkin Patch. We had a great time and the whole family came out to have fun with us!

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Mommy helped me open up all of my presents. I got some really cool stuff!!!

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This may have been my favorite moment of the day! Usually Mommy runs a pretty tight ship when it comes to sugar intake, but today... she said, "go for it Malachi!!!" I'm still coming off of my sugar high!

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The next day I tried on one of my gifts. My big brother Obadiah gave me some big boy underwear. I'm not quite sure how they work yet. I'll figure it out.


Anonymous said...

OH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope (and I bet your mom and dad hope) that you figure out that big boy underwear soon. How practical of Obadiah to think of that gift. Rock On!

ben said...

Happy Birthday Malachi!
Me and Aunt Lindsay love you very much!