Monday, October 10, 2005

Hey LOOK!!!

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I got my cast off! Hi guys it me, Malachi! I’m so excited that I finally go to take off my “boot”! Do you know how they take off casts??? WITH A SAW!!! THEY CUT IT OFF!!! I was not too happy about that. Anyway, to celebrate getting the cast off I took a shower. Daddy said I smelled like “funk”. I couldn’t smell it, he’s crazy.

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I’ve gotta go. I’m gonna go run around for a while!!! BYE!


Anonymous said...

Hey Dudes! It was cool that you stayed up so late to come meet me (and your mommy) at the airport last night. I hope you let her get lots of rest last night.

Darla said...

yay! malachi... have fun running.