Monday, June 16, 2008


Hi everyone, we went camping on Memorial Day weekend and we wanted to show you some of the pictures we took.

One of the best things about camping is burning stuff up at the campfire! My big brother Obadiah prefers his marshmallows WELL DONE!

Maybe the best thing about camping is just being able to eat all day long. I sure do love strawberries!

Obadiah likes them too!!!

Uh-oh, the old people are starting to eat all our strawberries!!!

Oh great. Now Dad got ahold of them. That's it for the strawberries.

After dinner Obadiah had the brilliant idea that we should tell scary stories around the campfire. I thought that sounded like an awesome idea!

Daddy told us a scary story that really freaked Obadiah out. I was totally cool but Obadiah was crying about how he was never gonna be able to sleep again. It's hard to get to sleep when there are peg legged prowlers with hooks for hands going from campsite to campsite to kill little boys as they fall asleep in their tents. (...did you just hear something?)

So, we didn't sleep that night but luckily we had the next day off. So we drove all the way home, locked all the doors in the house and slept the day away. It takes a long time to recover from vacation.

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