Sunday, February 24, 2008

Obadiah is a "NIFTY KID"!!!

Hi everyone, I asked my Daddy to come to my school today to take pictures of me receiving an award for being a "NIFTY KID"!!! This is when we all walked into the auditorium for the ceremony. You see that girl about three kids behind me? She's a little taller than the rest of us, and she's wearing a pink, white, and black top? That's Anika. She's SO pretty! I've got a MAJOR crush on her. One of my buddies told her and now her face gets all pink when I say hi to her.

This is when the principal called my name to receive the award. Everyone cheered SO LOUD! I walked right up to him, looked him in the eye, shook his hand and said "Thank you very much". Daddy says I should look someone in the eye when I greet them.

A few other kids got the award too. That's one of them sitting on the stage next to me. We sat up there while the principal talked about how great we were. I get that all the time, but it never gets old!

And here it is, the coveted "NIFTY KID AWARD"!!! I'd like to thank my parents, without you I would have never made it to where I am. I'd like to thank Anika, the future is looking bright for us. I'd like to thank Spencer, Simon, Gavin, Steven and Austin, you guys have always been there for me. I'm sure I'm forgetting somebody. (music starts playing) Thanks everybody! (much applause)

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Linda said...

you have good taste..that girl is cute...and tall, you like 'em just like your dad does!
congrats on being so nifty! but i always thought you were!