Wednesday, November 23, 2005

its' potty time!!!!

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I'm getting so big I can't believe it! I've only been two for about a month and already I'm figuring out the whole potty chair deal. I've got pull ups, and big boy underwear that I wear now instead of diapers. I guess it's pretty cool. I like watching mommy and daddy freak out after I go potty. They're so happy you'd think I just cured cancer, or won the nobel peace prize, or something. They totally lose it! I get it you guys, you're trying to be supportive. That's cool I guess.

Gotta run... I'm feeling a little tingly tingly in my junk...


Anonymous said...

Malachi, Someday your dad is gonna pull out all these fabulous photos and embarrass you in front of your girlfriend. Try and destroy them before then.

Rock on with the potty thing!

Matthew said...

Dude that is such a great job but there is something I want to tell you you know that pull ups are diapers right so there are two thing I want to tell you first feel free to pee in one of them once in a while I told my little cousin anyways and second get real underwear so your parents will be even more happy
(Unless you still have accendts you no what I mean) well by and do not say anthing but I am 12 but great job!