Friday, September 23, 2005

Oh man, this sucks

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Hi guys, it’s me Malachi. Me and Obadiah were running laps around the house the other night and banged into each other pretty hard. When we landed on the ground, Obadiah somehow landed on top of me. It hurt really bad!!!

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Daddy and Mommy weren’t sure if it was broken. They took me to the doctor and he said he didn’t think so. After walking on it a few more days it started hurting really bad, and making me walk funny. Mommy decided to see a different doctor and get an X-Ray.
It’s official… my first broken bone. The one in your foot that connects the ankle to the big toe… That’s the one. So I’ve got a cast on, and that’s kind of cool. I call it my "boot". No one messes with me anymore. I just act like I’m going to kick and they back right down. And I’ve been getting sympathy kisses like crazy. The little girls in the nursery are like putty in my hands. I guess having a broken foot has it’s advantages.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Good choice on the cast color. Black goes with everything. And your Uncle Ben was just talking about his first broken bone on his new blog. Weird... I think that my first broken bone wasn't until I was about 6 or 7. You are way ahead of the curve!
Well, I'll see you around.