Saturday, June 04, 2005

feels like summertime

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Obadiah and I have been discussing our long term life plans, and we're seriously considering becoming nudists. Nothing like sitting around in the buff on a lazy summer morning munching on cheerios and watching Spongebob.
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Dad said that we needed some exercise so we went for a bike ride.
It was more of a bike pull for him, we were the only ones with the free ride.
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Safety First!!! Don't we look smashing in our helmets?!?! I've got a Finding Nemo helmet, and Obadiah has a Rescue Heroes helmet. Dad's helmet is boring. I think we'll save up and get him a super cool Spongebob helmet for Father's Day!!!
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On our way home we noticed that one of our neighbors had THIS freaky looking thing out in the sun. Turns out it's a Bearded Dragon.
A REAL LIVE DRAGON!!! Look at it!!! It's mouth is open, and I'm not gettin' too close... just in case it starts breathing fire. I'm no dummy, I know, I watched Shrek!
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After we hung out with the Dragon for a little bit the lady who owns it said that we could pet it. I kept petting it, but it was prickly, so I would touch it real quick and then run away and hide. I was way too quick for Dad's digital camera. Obadiah didn't want to touch it, and Dad wanted a picture with one of us touching the Dragon. I was too quick, so it was down to Obadiah. He kept crying, like a little baby, but Dad finally talked him into petting the Dragon long enough for him to get the picture. Well, we're pretty tired after the bike ride and playing at the park so we're gonna go take a nap. Talk to you later!!!

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Jenny Jorg said...

Hey Obadiah! This is Jenny, that girl that used to always be over with Mary. I can't believe you pet that scary iguna looking thing! Did it make werid noises, or did it hiss at you?!?
Next time you you "bike riding" you should give your dad your helmet so he can look cool too.